Click the Month: December 2014

It’s hard to describe what this year has been to me.  And as always, it’s difficult to believe that we are at that time already, when the clock ticks over from 2014 to 2015.  For me, it’s been the year that, despite it’s potential to be one of the most difficult twelve months of my life, somehow through sheer stubbornness on my part, was one of the best.  It was a year that showed me how wonderful the humans around me can be.  How supportive, comforting and unquestionably on my side.

Reisling Dark (1 of 4)

I have not only experienced incredible places and made some new friends who have truly enhanced my life, but I have understood the strength of my old friendships and family bonds.  In short, through some painful experiences, I have understood just how much I have to be joyous and thankful for.  So Thank You.  For the part you have played in making this year a good one.  For giving me a reason, besides my desire to tinker in the kitchen, with the camera and with words, to come to this beloved space of mine and share my thoughts.

As for New Years Eve, I think a drink is in order.  So here are some images I did for Kinvarra Estate Winery in the island state of Tasmania, of their lovely, fruity Riesling.  I hope you like them, and I hope that one day I can do for another what you all did for me.

Happy New Year dear friends.

Reisling Light (4 of 6)

Reisling Light (3 of 6)

Reisling Dark (4 of 4)





Click the Month: August 2014

I have cake!! Well, pictures of cake, anyway.  Some time ago I attended a cake decorating workshop with Celebrations Cooking in Sydney, where Andrew taught a small group of us how to work with chocolate to cover and decorate cakes.  I found the course so fulfilling and such great value that I recently attended another workshop, this time working with RTR, or fondant icing.  I think I’m hooked and will be attending more classes, of which they have many including more advanced cake decorating, pastry and cooking classes.

The best part?  At the end of each class, we all skipped home happily with the cakes that we had decorated, to eat or gift as we pleased.  And yes, those are sheep on my chocolate cake.

Cakes 1

Cakes 2Cakes 3Cakes 4

Cakes 5Cakes 7Cakes 9Cakes 8

This is not a sponsored post, and the class was paid for by Deepa.

Click the Month: May 2014

Florence Lucca 8

A Tuscan holiday is just what I needed, and frankly I can’t think of a time when I wouldn’t welcome one.  This holiday came with exceptional timing and I soaked in every minute.  It was the perfect balance of touristy activity in Florence and immersion into a hobby I hold close to my heart, in the beautiful Val D’Orcia region.  I realised I have so many photos from this trip that it makes best sense to share them in batches.  These photos were taken during the first leg of my trip, a few days spent in Florence and surrounding areas.

Florence Lucca 2

I can’t wait to share more with you, particularly those from the Plated Stories workshop on food writing, styling and photography that I attended with 5 other fabulously inspiring women.  The workshop  was taught by Jamie Schler and Ilva Beretta of Plated Stories, both very patient and highly knowledgeable teachers, and I urge you to go over and read their post for their impressions of the lovely experience.

For now, I leave you with these images while I once again battle the beast that is jetlag.

Florence Lucca 1


Florence Lucca 6Florence Lucca 5

Florence Lucca 7

Florence Lucca 3

Florence Lucca 4

Click the Month: April 2014

How did we get to be a third of the way through the year?  Who else feels like we celebrated New Years Eve like, yesterday?

Malleshwaram 8

It is indeed, the end of April and for us in the land of Oz, the onset of the cooler months. The blue skies still make an appearance but along with them there is a nip in the air.  One that we never quite take seriously at the beginning of the season, until we notice ourselves reaching for a cardigan, then a coat on our way out.  Or switching on the electric blanket.  Or dragging the heater out from under the bed where it was happily snoozing through summer and spring.

Malleshwaram 1

These images were taken in March, during my India-UK adventure.  But they were too pretty not to share, these snaps of the local market, and food being sold from roadside carts in Bangalore.  So I hope that April has done you some good, friends.  And we, wrapped in our blankets with our fluffy socks on, welcome in May.

Malleshwaram 2

Malleshwaram 3

Malleshwaram 4

Malleshwaram 6

Malleshwaram 7

Malleshwaram 5


Click the Month: March 2014

It has been a colossal month over here at OSP headquarters.  Last week, this wee blogski here had the good fortune of being Freshly_Pressed in WordPress’ daily showcase of posts.  I will admit that both myself and the blog have been on a bit of a shameless high from this all week.

white horse


Being on vacation for the first half of March ensured that it got off to a good start.  After eating, laughing and dancing at a dear cousin’s wedding, I visited my friends Subo and Chris in England.  The pair have an eight month old daughter who is quite possibly the cutest thing north of the Equator.  I spent a few days in the big smoke of London, to feed my nostalgia more than anything else.  But mostly, we stuck to the countryside, going on road trips between quaint little towns and meandering walks in the lush, spring-kissed woods.

OSP Ahrani3


So today, on what is my precious friend Subo’s first Mothers Day, I shall leave you with some photos I took of her gorgeous family.  I hope your March was fruitful, and I wish all the mums in Europe a Happy Mothers Day.
See ya’ll in April!

OSP Family3

OSP Ahrani6

OSP Ahrani7

OSP Family8

OSP Family5

OSP Ahrani & Subo 2

OSP Family7


Click the Month: February 2014

I have for you more pictures of apples from my day trip to Bilpin with Aussie Apples.

Aren’t apples the cutest?

Meanwhile, I am on a much needed vaycay, split between a cousin’s wedding in India and some serious chill time (both literally and figuratively) at a friends’ place in the UK.

See you all in March!!Saliba 1

Apple tree 1

Saliba 2



Saliba 3


Click the Month: November 2013

So this Click the Month business was actually meant to posted at the end of the month.  A sort of sum up of one or some of the highlights in the 30-odd days gone by. 

CTM Lunch at Julias 5

But, well, despite my best intentions, sometimes life gets in the way.  So it doesn’t happen or it pops up a little late.  You know what? Anyone who knows me knows that ‘late’ is the norm for me, ‘on time’ is early in my world and ‘early’….actually early?  Well, that’s what I’d call a dream.

CTM Lunch at Julias 3

This month I lunched at my friend Julia’s, where a bunch of us gorged on incredible food such as some succulent roast chicken, this salad and this cake.

CTM Sugar1

I followed the dogs around, camera in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, and managed to get all three of them to sit still for a decent click or two.

CTM Chicken

CTM Buster3

CTM Lunch at Julias 6

CTM George

CTM Lunch at Julias 4

CTM Sugar2

CTM Lunch at Julias 12