Click the Month: March 2014

It has been a colossal month over here at OSP headquarters.  Last week, this wee blogski here had the good fortune of being Freshly_Pressed in WordPress’ daily showcase of posts.  I will admit that both myself and the blog have been on a bit of a shameless high from this all week.

white horse


Being on vacation for the first half of March ensured that it got off to a good start.  After eating, laughing and dancing at a dear cousin’s wedding, I visited my friends Subo and Chris in England.  The pair have an eight month old daughter who is quite possibly the cutest thing north of the Equator.  I spent a few days in the big smoke of London, to feed my nostalgia more than anything else.  But mostly, we stuck to the countryside, going on road trips between quaint little towns and meandering walks in the lush, spring-kissed woods.

OSP Ahrani3


So today, on what is my precious friend Subo’s first Mothers Day, I shall leave you with some photos I took of her gorgeous family.  I hope your March was fruitful, and I wish all the mums in Europe a Happy Mothers Day.
See ya’ll in April!

OSP Family3

OSP Ahrani6

OSP Ahrani7

OSP Family8

OSP Family5

OSP Ahrani & Subo 2

OSP Family7



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