Click the Month: December 2014

It’s hard to describe what this year has been to me.  And as always, it’s difficult to believe that we are at that time already, when the clock ticks over from 2014 to 2015.  For me, it’s been the year that, despite it’s potential to be one of the most difficult twelve months of my life, somehow through sheer stubbornness on my part, was one of the best.  It was a year that showed me how wonderful the humans around me can be.  How supportive, comforting and unquestionably on my side.

Reisling Dark (1 of 4)

I have not only experienced incredible places and made some new friends who have truly enhanced my life, but I have understood the strength of my old friendships and family bonds.  In short, through some painful experiences, I have understood just how much I have to be joyous and thankful for.  So Thank You.  For the part you have played in making this year a good one.  For giving me a reason, besides my desire to tinker in the kitchen, with the camera and with words, to come to this beloved space of mine and share my thoughts.

As for New Years Eve, I think a drink is in order.  So here are some images I did for Kinvarra Estate Winery in the island state of Tasmania, of their lovely, fruity Riesling.  I hope you like them, and I hope that one day I can do for another what you all did for me.

Happy New Year dear friends.

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Reisling Light (3 of 6)

Reisling Dark (4 of 4)





OSP @ The Pot, Adelaide

What happens when One Small Pot falls into The Pot? Why, a very happy blogger of course!  Yes folks, I’m back from my Adelaide holiday and the very first thing I have to tell you about is this gorgeous little food and wine bar on King William Road in the upmarket suburb of Hyde park.  My friend B, who is positively a walking talking Good Food Guide to Adelaide took me there for a long, lazy lunch and a long overdue gossip catch-up session.


Perched on little bar stools at this airy, too-cool-for-school establishment, we sipped (too much) wine and unceremoniously devoured plate after  plate of pure heaven.  Around us, the place buzzed with chatty lunchers while sunshine poured through the big windows and danced across the decor which managed to be at once classic and eclectic.  A wall of wine bottles above the bar and a concise and carefully chosen wine menu made it clear that this was a wine bar not to be messed with.  And on the adjacent wall was a specials board that consisted of the daily offerings scribbled on sheets of brown paper, lest those expensive wines decided to take themselves too seriously.


The food menu seemed to focus on smaller tapas-style share plates, but there were also a selection of bigger plates and desserts.  B and I started with the sashimi small plate, which was an oh-so-delicate introduction to the meal and really got the gastric juices flowing with its’ delightful acidity.

The scallops with pea puree and pork crackling were a slightly more substantial follow-up act.  The tender, melty scallops went down far too easily with the lovely Rosé I was drinking.

Next up were two of the best dishes of the line-up: the Corn and Coriander Fritters with Chilli Jam, and a special that was a soft boiled egg in light batter, deep fried.  Those fritters hit the spot like no other.  Despite being deep fried, they remained light and succumbed beautifully to the fork and the mouth.

Right: Corn and coriander frittersLeft: THAT egg!
Right: Corn and coriander fritters
Left: THAT egg!

Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, they brought out the egg.

That egg…….I have dreams about that egg!  Soft boiled, then deep fried in its’ crispy coat, it was served with an Asian garnish that I would be willing to give my left pinkie toe for.  That creamy, soft egg coats the inside of your mouth just enough to enhance those sweet salty tangy Asian flavours that insist on dancing gleefully over your tongue. Bliss!

Egg edited

Starting to fill up, we tucked into some duck spring rolls wrapped in iceberg lettuce and dipped into a gorgeous zingy sauce that may just have been one of the best spring rolls I’ve eaten outside of Asia.

With a little more chit-chat to be had and just a small space left in our bellies, we went for one of the bigger plates, the Blue Swimmer Crab with Chilli and Tomato Hand Cut Pappardelle.  This pasta was divine, silky and freshly made on the premises, the perfect filler for that last spot of tummy space.

20130308_143344             20130308_142947

The wait staff added to the wonderful experience and our very friendly, bubbly waitress really took it upon herself to help us with our choices.

This was a decadent lunch, a bit of a splurge but oh so worth it!  Smaller plates were between $10-$20 and most of the bigger plates were between $20-$40.  Pot buns were around $10 each.  There were also options of a cheese plate, sides and amazing looking desserts, which we did not have a smidgeon of room for.  They also do a tasting plate for $65.

Next time, I’ll be back for the breakfasts, which sounded yum, and I’ll definitely leaving room for dessert!

The Pot is at 160 King William Rd., Hyde Park.  You can give them a buzz on (08) 8373 2044.