Click the Month: April 2014

How did we get to be a third of the way through the year?  Who else feels like we celebrated New Years Eve like, yesterday?

Malleshwaram 8

It is indeed, the end of April and for us in the land of Oz, the onset of the cooler months. The blue skies still make an appearance but along with them there is a nip in the air.  One that we never quite take seriously at the beginning of the season, until we notice ourselves reaching for a cardigan, then a coat on our way out.  Or switching on the electric blanket.  Or dragging the heater out from under the bed where it was happily snoozing through summer and spring.

Malleshwaram 1

These images were taken in March, during my India-UK adventure.  But they were too pretty not to share, these snaps of the local market, and food being sold from roadside carts in Bangalore.  So I hope that April has done you some good, friends.  And we, wrapped in our blankets with our fluffy socks on, welcome in May.

Malleshwaram 2

Malleshwaram 3

Malleshwaram 4

Malleshwaram 6

Malleshwaram 7

Malleshwaram 5