Quitting Sugar: Seven weeks on

So………….seven weeks, huh?

And they said I wouldn’t last……..

Today makes it SEVEN WEEKS since I told sugar to hit the road Jack.

Incredibly, I have made it through with my sanity (and that of those around me) intact.


Did I cheat?  Yes, three times and all in the last two weeks.  Once, I had a bite of dessert at a restaurant……amazingly just one bite and I was happy to stop.

Another time I had a small square of dark chocolate.  But we’ll blame that on events beyond my control- the time of month, the changing of the tides, the upcoming lunar eclipse.

The remarkable thing was, none of those times was I the out of control sugar monster that I once was.  I simply had a small bite and then like the self-controlled, poised being that I have always wanted to be, I stopped!

Am I good, or what??


So if this week is seven weeks, next week, somewhat unsurprisingly will be EIGHT weeks.  Eight weeks is what some of the experts say is the time needed to break an addiction, so that signifies the end of the hard core detox.

This last week I started to introduce small amounts of sugar- a few berries here and there, a few snacks sweetened with rice malt syrup (a fructose free sweetener).  Berries taste like little bundles of heaven now, which is a real surprise as I never was a berry person.

Where to after eight weeks?  Well, what I hope to gain is control over my own sweet tooth.  The ability to be able to occasionally have one chocolate from some exquisite chocolatier without feeling the need to plunge into the entire vat of melted chocolate and backstroke around it in circles.  The gift of being able to enjoy dessert at a fancy restaurant without feeling guilty about all the other sugar I ate that day.

And you know what?  I think I might be getting there.



3 thoughts on “Quitting Sugar: Seven weeks on

  1. I am still in shock!!!! Seven weeks without sugar. I would have said you can’t go seven hours without. Very proud of you. You make me think that I should try it too.

    1. Haha thanks! You should! I have now started eating bits and pieces but I seemed to have developed self control and mostly killed the cravings. Who would’ve thunk it?

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