Click the Month: May 2013

Sydney seems to have turned into a refrigerator of sorts this month.  The cold seems to seep in right to the bones and the sun calls it a day by 5 pm.  We have been lucky to dodge winter through most of April but it seems it’s time to embrace the fact that the chilly season is well and truly here.  Gloriously sunny days make everything better though and we still have a good supply of those.  And then there have been the mornings where we have woken up to an eerie fog that blankets the city, an almost solid mist that one has to squint to see through.

So I have for you some shots I took during our Mothers’ Day Picnic.  Clear skies, a dog-friendly beach and a delicious homemade focaccia (my first attempt!) made the day complete.






Oh my God I CAN swim!!
Oh my God I CAN swim!!



All this frolicking about on the beach and chasing after tennis balls is positively exhausting!

Aaaaannndddd it’s almost June!


A Day for Mums

Lessons from Mum: Five things that my mother taught me

(as if having to carry me around for 9 months wasn’t enough).

1. Heaven and hell are on Earth.  If you choose to treat others badly, you damn well better believe that it’ll come back to bite you on the backside one day.  And if not your backside, then the ones of those you love.  Karma is a bottom-loving, rabid dog so you better treat others with respect.


2. If you do everything right and something still goes wrong, at least you know you did everything right.

3.You can’t always control what happens to you but you certainly can control how you handle it.  Shit happens. Sometimes that shit is really stinky and full of worms.  Grab that plastic bag, scoop it up, toss it in the bin, spray the odour neutraliser and keep going.  Oh, and take a worming tablet.

4. Be generous with your time, money, food and favours but don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of.  And remember that like all good things in life, trust is earned and the trust of another should always be nurtured and cherished.

5. Wearing tops that slide up and show your waist is not cool.  God gave you ample hips but God also gave you the ability to shop for longer tops.


 They are the women who hold us, feed us and nurture us.

They manage to keep us sane as well as drive us insane.

They pick up the pieces when something has shattered us, and they hurt more than we do when someone has wronged us.

They pick on our clothes, our hair and our eating habits.  But they are sometimes the only ones who are there to tell us we are beautiful.

To all the mums in my life- my mum, my Ajji (grandmother) and my aunts……