Click the Month: July 2013

July has been all about clear blue skies and a sparkly sun while the chill remained in the Sydney air. We made sure to get out and about and soak in some Vitamin D, There has been a food truck epidemic in Sydney and we joined in, partaking in the offerings of the Masterchef food truck.





We made our way to the Aroma Coffee Festival in Sydney Harbour. There we lunched while perched on a retaining wall looking out over a view of the Opera House.




To make up for all the delicious fatty excess, I dabbled in kale by combining it with flaked coconut and a tahini based dressing, and toasting the whole thing in the oven. Topped with a poached egg it made a healthful lunch with a good hit of protein and fibre.  There was this healthy beetroot rice and my Dad’s pav bhaji. I explored sweet low-fructose possibilities with these full-of-goodness bonbons and coconut cake bars.  There are other fructose-free food projects in the works so watch this space.

How was your July? What were your memorable moments?



6 thoughts on “Click the Month: July 2013

  1. those pics are a beautiful reminder of Sydney.. I loved visiting there a couple of times and hope to make my way there again soon. I never looked up any food festivals, but hoping you have a few in the summer. Your pics are beautiful. I can’t seem to get myself to like Kale,somehow. I’ve tried. That lunch does look very healthy though.

  2. Interesting idea to combine kale with coconut! And love the idea of adding a gooey poached egg over the top!

    1. Thanks Helen. It was a happy day of my life when I finally worked out how to correctly poach an egg! Kale + coconut is a chewy undertaking but well worth the effort.

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