Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Spot-billed Pelican, Kokrebellur, Karnataka, India

Kokarebellur, a tiny village in Karnataka, India,  is so named because of the Painted Storks (Kokare) that nest and breed here year after year.  Spot-Billed Pelicans are another species that join the egg-laying party and together these magnificent birds are considered an auspicious omen by the villagers.  We visited during breeding season (Sept-Feb), and spent most of our time there looking up.  They aren’t hard to spot; several of these enormous birds can be seen weighing down the boughs of each tree, or flying between trees.  The sight is almost a little silly as it is so much easier to picture these handsome birds perched on the mast of a ship or on a jetty.

This is my interpretation of The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Up.

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