Click The Month: March 2013


In a month that started with me getting a year older, greyer, creakier but hopefully somewhat wiser, I managed to quite literally take a leap of faith when I did my very first sky dive!  An incredible experience needless to say and once I had looked up to assure myself the parachute had managed to inflate itself, I could then get on with having the time of my life.


We celebrated safe landings and birthdays with a purely decadent meal at the Sailors Club, a meal that ended with what could be two of the best desserts I can remember having.

tuna main edited 20130319_150640

In between that and a trip to Adelaide, I managed to squeeze in a little me time, a dose of hubby time and a dash of Cookie time. Me time included finally starting to read a new book, How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran which I heard about through this blog.

20130319_182938 20130319_183056

20130329_085456 20130329_092203

March was given it’s marching orders with Easter, more cake and far too much chocolate for a sane human being.  Here’s to a less sugary but just as much fun April……..



2 thoughts on “Click The Month: March 2013

  1. Hi I made this Cake for my B’day, such an embarrassment and disappointment, cake was so hard not cake at all. went through the recipe many times to see if I missed any thing other than Butter… not included in the recipe…..can that be the reason for the cake to be so hard not moist????????

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